Mambo Polls Component

Mambo includes a poll component by default. The Poll manager is what allows you to create, edit and remove polls from your website. Results are being automatically calculated and displayed on a separate page.

In order to manage your polls, you need to reach the Poll manager through the Polls link in the Components menu:

You will be taken to a page where at your first visit you will see a single poll: the one that comes by default with the Mambo installation.

Clicking on the poll name will allow you to edit the questions and answers. You can replace those with your own and save the survey.

In case you do not want to have a poll on your website (at least for now) you can unpublish it by selecting the respective survey and click the corresponding icon.

The poll will be immediately removed from the website but it will not be deleted. You can publish it back whenever you want. To permanently remove a poll from your Mambo, use the Delete icon.

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