Mambo Content

It is time to add some content to your website! In order to create the desired hierarchy, you need to become familiar with the classes of content that are included in Mambo. They are Sections, Categories and Content Items.

The highest level in the hierarchy is represented by the Sections. These can be managed through the Section Manager of the Content menu. The Categories are managed through the Categories Manager and the content is edited through the All Content Items section.

For example if you are having a Mambo website about cars, you can have the following Sections: 'Ford', 'Chevy' and 'Dodge'. The 'Ford' section will have categories 'Mustang', 'Thunderbird' and 'Taurus'. The 'Mustang' category will have content items 'V6GT', 'Steeda Q' and 'Shelby Cobra GT500'. The entire structure is much like a tree:

Mambo Content Structure - Sections, Categories, Content items

More information about the different content structures in Mambo can be found below:

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