Mambo Content

In order to create and publish a Content Item, go to the Content menu and select All Content Items.

All the items will be displayed. You will be able to either edit the existing ones or create new items by clicking on the New icon:

The process of creating a new article is very similar to the one for the sections and the categories. You will need to select both the parenting section and the category.

This time, instead of the description, you will be able to enter a short introduction text that will appear on the main section or the category page. You will be able to add pictures, manage authorship and publishing date, etc. When ready, click on the Save icon to complete the creation process. You will see the new item listed in the Content manager.

The last thing to do in order to have the item online is to publish it. Click on the red X and the article will be published.

You can also change the order in which the articles appear by clicking the up- and the down-pointed triangles respectively. That can also be done by changing the number in the Order box located on the corresponding line and pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. The changes will automatically be applied and you will see them after the screen refreshes.

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