How to use Google AdSense with Mambo?

Include Google AdSense in the Side Columns

If you would like to include Google ads in the side columns you would need to:

Step 1 Create a new Module from the Module menu:

Select Site Modules:

Create a new Module:

Step 2 From the Mambots list publish the "No WYSIWYG Editor" and unpublish the "WYSIWYG Editor" if applicable.

Select Site Mambots from the Mambots menu:

Publish the No WYSIWYG Editor:

Unpublish the WYSIWYG Editor if available in the list of Mambots.

Step 3 Copy and paste your AdSense code in the New Module content section

Select Site Modules:

Choose the New Module we have created (Ads by Google):

Copy and paste Google Adsense code in the Content section:

Now press Save and you should be able to see AdWords on your site:

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