Mambo Administration - Global Configuration

Now we can proceed with the configuration of your Mambo. Log in to your Mambo admin area and go to the Global Configuration section.

The Site tab allows you to:

  • put your site offline;
  • customize the general error message (which is being used while there is an error which is preventing the application from loading properly);
  • choose a Site Name (Company Name) for your website - that would be the <title> tag of your website;
  • turn on/off the Captcha authentication and more.

The Locale tab allows you to:

  • change the TimeZone settings. If you are located in a different time zone than the hosting server the application can be set to show your local time;
  • change the language - it can be picked from the list of the already installed and published language packs on your Mambo system.

The Content tab allows you to modify the general outlook of your CMS. For instance, you can choose whether to display the printer-friendly version link on your web pages.

Information about the other options in the Global configuration tab can be found below:

Important!SiteGround does not recommend changing the default Database, Server, and Cache tabs, unless you know what you are doing. Any incorrect setting in these sections could make your Mambo powered website inaccessible.

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