How to use Mambo Modules, Components and Mambots?

Enhancing your Mambo's functionality can be easily done by installing three kinds of add-ons that you can integrate with your Mambo. These are modules, components and mambots.

Components add functionality to the Mambo itself - e.g. content management functions, that cannot be noticed directly, but help ordering and customizing your website.

Modules are used as a bridge between the Component and Mambo: you need a Module to enable a chosen Component.

Mambots are add-ons for Mambo that perform a specific function when triggered. They can range from text-replacing to something as complicated as a template-management system. E.g. WYSIWYG editors are Mambots.

If you wish to install an addon you can do this very easily through the Mambo administration interface. First of all you need to find and download an addon. SiteGround has made a selection of the most popular Mambo components, modules and mambots that our clients install on their Mambo sites. On the page you will find a short description of the Mambo addon plus a download link. Save the chosen one on your local hard drive.

Then select the Installers menu and the Universal tab from your Administrative backend:

Browse your local computer for the archived source file, upload and install the add-on.

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