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Community Builder is a component for Mambo (Joomla) that extends the user management functionality of these applications. To install Community Builder for Mambo you have to:

Step 1 Install the latest version of Mambo on your account. Find more information about how to install Mambo here.

Step 2 Download the Community Builder component from the official web site.

Step 3 Extract the file that you have just downloaded.

Step 4 Navigate to the folder of the extracted archive.The main Community Builder component file is Extract it. Since Mambo 4.6.x does not handle multiple xml files properly, you need to delete the comprofilerj.xml file and recreate the archived file.

Step 5 Open the Admin Panel of your Mambo installation and navigate to: Installers -> Universal. You should see:

We will use the Upload Package File option.

Step 6 Click on the Browse button and navigate to your file. Click on the Upload File & Install button.

Wait up to several minutes until the installation process is finished. At the end, you should see this screen:

Step 7 You have successfully installed Community builder on your account. Please note that Community Builder comes with 3 modules:

  • - The login module;
  • - Displays Notifications of pending actions for the moderator and connections functionality of Community Builder;
  • - Displays a list of users logged in with a link to their profile;

You can install them in the same way: Mambo admin panel -> Installers -> Universal.

After the successful installation of every module you should see a similar confirmation screen:

Step 8. The Community Builder can be configured through Components -> Community Builder:

You can manage its modules through Modules -> Site Modules:

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