Google AdSense and Mambo

How to use Google AdSense with Mambo

If you would like to use Google AdSense on your Mambo site you would have to add some extra functionality through your Mambo Administration tool.

First of all you need to download the necessary application. You can download the Adsense Mambot from here. Save it on your local drive. Log in to your Mambo admin area and select Universal from within the Installers Menu.

Click the Browse button and select the file which you have already downloaded - the Adsense Mambot and press Upload File and Install.

Select Site Mambots from your Mambots menu:

Find the Google Adsense Mambot link and click it.

You need to enter you Google AdSense data so that you are able to display Google Ads on your Mambo site.

Next to each item from the Parameters section there is a more Info button.

You should take the necessary data from your Google Adsense code.

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