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How to optimize Joomla 1.5?

There are several things that you can do in order to improve the performance of your Joomla 1.5 website:

  • Enable the Joomla caching system from the admin area > Global Configuration > System. Enabling cache will signifficantly improve the performance of your website;
  • Keep the number of extensions as low as possible. Do not install components or plugins you do not actually need;
  • Remove/Unpublish the extensions you are not using;
  • Reduce the content on your front page. Organize your information into categories and sections. This will reduce the loading time of your website and help your visitors navigate better through your information;
  • Reduce the number of files opened for each page loading. For this purpose you will have to find out all the included files by writing this code at the end of your main index.php:
  • echo '<pre>'.print_r(get_included_files(), true).'</pre>';

    If you have more than 150 files included the number is high and suggests slow page loading.

  • Optimize your Joomla database by following the instructions in our article on How to optimize a MySQL database;
  • Use the phpMyAdmin tool to check for big tables in your Joomla database. You can then check which extension uses this table and remove it from your website.

Usually issues with big tables are caused by old forum extensions that are attacked by spam bots. The tables that store the forum posts get filled with spam and become really big. This slows the performance of your entire website. Such tables should be deleted manually using the phpMyAdmin tool. To delete a table mark the check box left to it and click on the red cross icon. Confirm the changes to permanently erase the table.

Make sure you are deleting tables created by extensions you have already uninstalled from the Joomla back end! If you delete any of the Joomla's core tables this will probably break your website.