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Joomla 1.5 Email Tutorial

This section of the Joomla tutorial will show how you can setup your Joomla installation so that you can use it to successfully send email messages.

It is really easy to setup your Joomla website so that it sends system messages to the website users (such as account registration confirmation emails) and gives you the possibility to send a mass mail to registered users.

A standard installation that is using the default values will be working just out of the box. It will be setup by default to use the PHP Main function to send email messages. The settings can be modified via the Joomla admin area -> Site -> Global Configuration -> Server. The corresponding settings are found under the Mail Settings section.

Bear in mind that the email address which you are using for “Mail from” should be of type You cannot use this functionality to send email messages using fake address.

The second option is to use the SMTP Server for sending email messages via Joomla. In this case you need to turn on SMTP Authentication and supply correct details for the SMTP Server you will be using as show below:

On SiteGround servers the options should be setup as follows:

SMTP Authentication – YesSMTP Security – NoneSMTP Port – 25SMTP Username – Note that you should use the full email address as username including the @domain part.SMTP Password – The correct password for the email account you supplied as Username.SMTP Host – This can be your domain name.