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Common Joomla 1.5 Questions

In this tutorial we will answer some common questions about Joomla:

How to remove the author / date posted from Joomla articles?

Step 1 From Joomla's admin panel go to Content - Article Manager:

Step 2 Click on "Parameters" from the top-right menu.

Step 3 A box will appear with all configurable options including author / date posted. Simply set to "Hide" any of the options you'd like disabled.

How to change the domain name for your Joomla 1.5 site?

Previous Joomla versions required a manual re-configuration when changing the domain name of your site. Joomla 1.5 does NOT require such a change as it recognizes the new domain name automatically.

How to speed up Joomla 1.5?

Joomla's performance is usually slowed down when:

  • Extra features are enabled such as stats and polls;
  • Additional components, modules, plugins, themes are installed;
  • There are too many items on the pages.

Fortunately, Joomla provides an easy way to speed up its performance by enabling its caching function. To enable cache in Joomla, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Go to your Joomla's admin panel > Site -> Global Configuration.

Step 2 Click on the link "System" under Global Configuration:

Step 3 There you will find a box called "Cache Settings" and you have to check "Yes" besides the Cache option:

Step 4 You can leave the rest of the options unchanged and save the change by clicking [Save] at the top right menu.

Step 1 From the Joomla admin panel go to Extensions -> Module Manager:

Step 2 From the top right menu click on [New] and check the "Login" option:

Step 3 Click on "Next" from the top-right menu to proceed.

Step 4 From the options that appear we will make only one change:

Title: Login

Step 5 Save the progress by clicking on [Save] from the top menu and you will find a login form on your site.