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How to use Joomla Polls?

When installed, Joomla includes a built-in poll option. The Poll manager is what allows you to create, edit and remove polls from your website. Results are being automatically calculated and displayed on a separate page.

In order to manage your polls, you have to go to the Poll manager. You can do that by clicking on the Polls link in the Components menu:


If you have made no changes you will be taken to a page with the default poll.

Clicking on the poll name will allow you to edit the questions and answers.


You can replace those with your own and then [Save] the survey.


In case you don't want to have a poll on your website (at least for now) you can remove it by selecting the respective survey and click the [Unpublish] icon.

The poll will be immediately removed from the website but not deleted. Thus you can take it back any time you want. To permanently remove a poll from your Joomla, please use the [Delete] icon.