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Joomla 1.0 Backup Tutorial

Check out our new Joomla tutorial if you are using the latest Joomla 1.5 version. Find out how to backup Joomla 1.5 here.

This tutorial is designed to teach you how to create a backup of your Joomla website.

To make a backup of your Joomla application you need to download all your Joomla files to your local computer and to export the database that Joomla uses.

How to download your Joomla files?

To back up the Joomla files to your computer please, use an FTP client to connect to your account. Then navigate to your Joomla application folder and download it to your local computer. Here you can learn more about how to configure and use an FTP client.

How to export/backup your Joomla database?

To export/backup your database please check the how to backup/restore MySQL database tutorial.

Well done! You have successfully created a backup copy of your Joomla system!.

Please, find here more about how to create a backup of your site and restore it.