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How to Install Joomla! with App Installer

How to Install Joomla! with App Installer

This tutorial explains how to use the App Installer to install a Joomla! 3 application on your SiteGround hosting account. The installation process is easy and requires just a few clicks. You won’t need any coding or design skills to install a fully-functional Joomla! 3 application within minutes.

Go to your Site Tools > Dev > App Installer:

Go through the Joomla! Installation Process

Now, select the application from the drop-down menu:

Choose the installation path for the new application. Leave empty if you want Joomla! 3 to be installed in the root directory of your account.

Select username, password and e-mail address. Note, that it is important to provide correct email address because it will be used in case you forget your password or want to reset it. Once you fill in that information, press Install to complete the installation.

In a few seconds, your Joomla! 3 application will be installed and ready to use.

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