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Create a Website with Joomla

How to build a website with Joomla 3?

In this group of tutorials we will teach the basic skills you need in order to create a simple Joomla site. We believe that once you understand the Joomla 3 structure and the way the application works, it will become much easier for you to create the site that you want. However, Joomla 3 has endless capabilities and it is easy for the unexperienced user to get lost in the sea of information. This is why, we have focused on the fundamental knowledge that you really need.

How to Create a Website with Joomla

Video Lessons: Create Your Site with Joomla 3!

by Brian Teeman, Joomla Co-Founder

One of the Joomla founders - Brian Teeman has created a video course especially for SiteGround visitors. Check out this comprehensive course for detailed instructions on how to create a Joomla website in easy to follow video lessons!


The Joomla Homepage

The Template

Learn How to Use Joomla With Our Videos!

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