How to Access and Add Sites

How to access & add sites to the Joomla & WordPress Toolkits

Access the SiteGround Joomla & WordPress Toolkits

In order to access the SiteGround Joomla & WordPress Toolkits you need to login to your cPanel first. Once you do that, locate the WordPress Tools section and click on the WordPress Toolkit button or the Joomla  Toolkit button in the Joomla Tools section.

On this page, you will see a list of all the actions you can you can take to edit your WordPress or Joomla site.

Add Sites to the SiteGround Joomla & WordPress Toolkits

If you've installed WordPress or Joomla! through our one-click installers, it will be listed in the tool. However, if you've installed the application manually, you need to press the Add WordPress or Add Joomla button.

In the new page that opens enter the URL of your new installation and press the Add URL button to add the application.