8.5 – SiteGround SuperCacher for Joomla

Video Tutorial on How to Speed-up Your Joomla Site With SiteGround SuperCacher

Video Transcription

By hosting your Joomla 3 web site with Siteground you can get to use an advanced cache feature called SuperCacher which will drastically increase the performance of your web site. In order to install it log in to the User Area of your Siteground account. From the My Accounts tab go to the cPanel scroll to the Joomla Tools section and click on SuperCacher. SuperCacher has several modes and the mode we want to use for our Joomla 3 web site is Dynamic Cache. If we scroll down you will probably see that no applications have been detected. Click on the Add Application link make sure that your web site domain is selected and click Add URL and then click Go Back. Go back to the Dynamic Cache link.

We now need to download the plugin and save it to our computer. When that's done return to your site administrator and go to Extensions, Extension Manager Choose the file we just downloaded Open it and Upload and Install. As this is a plugin we now need to go to Extensions and Plugin Manager to enable it. Search for the plugin. This is the one we want jSGCache (Joomla Siteground Cache) click on that and set its status to Enabled and Save & Close. Return to your cPanel and toggle the switch to enable the Dynamic Cache of SuperCacher. Dynamic Cache has now been enabled for your site and you will start to see an improvement in the performance of your Joomla 3 web site.