Lesson 4: Install Joomla 3

Learn how to install a blank Joomla 3 site for the migration

Video Transcription

The next stage in the migration of your Joomla web site to Joomla 3 is to install a clean copy of Joomla 3 in your web hosting account. How you do this will vary from host to host. I'm using Siteground so I am going to log in to their control panel. Once I've done that, go to the My Accounts section and then go to the cPanel. Even if you're not hosted with Siteground many hosts offer a control panel like this. If you scroll down you will see a link to install Joomla or perhaps you'll have a link to Site Software or something called Softaculous. You can use any of these to install Joomla on to your web hosting.

We can see here that this was just a quick link to the Softaculous installer for Joomla. If you select the install the first thing you will see is a prompt asking you which version you want to install. Obviously we want to install Joomla 3. We are then prompted for the domain which is the same one that we are using currently BUT and this is the important stage we MUST install this clean version of Joomla 3 in a subdirectory. We don't want to install it over the top of our existing web site as that will break it. I am going to install it in a subdirectory called "new". We need a new database and this installer has proposed one for you so you can just leave that as it is. The site name and site description probably should be changed but we're going to leave them as they are for now and we'll deal with that at a later stage in the process. Finally under database settings there is a section called Import Sample Data it is ESSENTIAL that you make this to say None. Otherwise the migration process will not be successful.

Finally, we need to create an Admin username and password. The Softaculous installer has suggested one but I'm going to change that to something else. Make sure that you set the admin email address to your own email address. When you've done all of that click on Install. The Softaculous installer is now checking if you've done everything correctly and it will then install a clean version of Joomla 3 in the folder that you selected. Once that's done we have two links to the front end of the new site and to the administrator. I'm going to just go to the frontend for now and you can see that this is a clean Joomla installation. If I go to the /administrator and log in with that username and password we just created we can see the brand new Joomla 3 Control Panel. This will look very different to the one you are used to with Joomla 1.5 but don't worry about that once we've completed the migration from one site to the other you can view our Joomla 3 training course to familiarise yourself with the new interface.