Lesson 2: Preparation

Cleanup and prepare your site for the migration

Video Transcription

Before we do the migration to Joomla 3 it is important that you spend a little bit of time cleaning your existing web site. To do that log in to your Administrator and what we need to do is to remove all the trashed articles and menu items that we might have created in the past. After all if we have deleted them we really don't need to migrate them to our new web site. Let's start with the articles. Go to the Content menu and select Article Trash. Here you can see all the articles that at some point in the past we have deleted into the trash can. Now we need to permanently delete them from our web site. If you select the checkbox at the top, here you will see that all the articles will be selected. Then you can click on the Delete icon in the top right. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to permanently delete the items, which we do.

Now the items have been deleted. We must do the same for any Menu items that have been deleted as well. Go to the Menus link to select Menu Trash. Now of course you may not have any menus in your trash but if you do, like I do, again, select them all by clicking on the box at the top and then click on the Delete icon and confirm that you do indeed wish to permanently delete all the menu items from the trash. The next stage in preparation for our migration is to make a note of any additional extensions that we have added to our web site that weren't shipped with the core Joomla installation. To see them go to the Extensions menu and select Install/Uninstall. From this page we can see various options. If you select Components on this screen we can see all the components that are installed in our Joomla web site.

That's both the components that ship with Joomla and any extra ones that we have added. At the bottom of the list you will see various components that are greyed out. We can ignore those, they're part of Joomla. Here we can see seven that are not greyed out. Some of those are part of Joomla and some of those are addons. We can see that if we go to the author column. If it says Joomla Project it's part of Joomla and we can ignore that. The one's that have different author names are one's that have been added. It's important at this point to take a pen and a piece of paper and make a note of their names. In many cases I have Akeeba installed which is used for for taking backups, JCE which is a replacement WYSIWYG editor, and Xmap for building sitemaps. Once you have made a note of these three extensions, of course you may have more or you may have none, go to the Modules and repeat the same process. Again look for any modules that do not have the Author as Joomla Project.

So you can see here I have one called mmslideshow and another one for the JCE. Make a note of those and go to the Plugins and repeat the same process. So here you can see I have Simple Image Gallery by Joomlaworks and the JCE editor. Finally we need to look at our template. Here we can see the list of templates that are installed on this web site. In this case the ones that are greyed out are the ones that are actually in use on your site. Those are the ones you need to look at. Here we can see I have two greyed out. One called Greenstyle which is my Site template and one called Khepri which is my admin template. Khepri is the default Joomla admin template so we don't need to look at that. But you do need to make a note of the template that is in use for the site. That's the template that your site visitors will see when they visit your web site. Now that you have made a note of the components, modules, plugins and templates that have been added to your Joomla installation you can go and find out if there are Joomla 3 versions of those available. You can either do that by searching the authors own web sites or you can go to the Joomla Extensions Directory. The Joomla Extensions Directory can be found at http://extensions.joomla.org Here in the search box you can search for the extension that you used. So we've now cleaned up our web site, removed the Trash and made a note of all the addons that were installed on our site. We're now ready for the next stage of upgrading our web site..