Lesson 5: Install jUpgradePRO

Learn how to install the jUpgradePRO migration addon

Video Transcription

To perform the migration we need to use a Joomla addon called jUpgradePRO. You can find this by searching on the extensions web site for jUpgradePRO. If you follow the link to the listing you'll find the download link. Make sure you are upgrading jUpgradePRO and then download the two files the component and the plugin and save them to your computer. Let's begin by logging in to our existing Joomla 1.5 web site. On this web site we need to install the plugin. To do that go to the Extensions menu and select Install. Now under Upload Package File Choose the file we wish to upload. Go to that folder we just saw and select the plugin. Click Open and Upload File & Install. Once that is completed you will get an Install Plugin Success message. We now need to enable and configure the plugin. To do that go to the Extensions menu and select Plugin Manager.

You have a lot of plugins so to save searching just go to the filter box and type in upgrade and click Go. We can see two and the one we want is the System Jupgrade. Simply click on the name. The first thing we need to do is to enable it so select Yes. Then on the right hand side give this plugin a unique secure key. You can type whatever you want just that you can remember it, finally click Save. We're now finished with Joomla 1.5 version of the installation. So let us log out and go to our NEW Joomla 3 web site and log in to that one. Once you've logged in go to the Extensions Manager and chose the file. Go back to the folder you were in and this time make sure you select the component and click Open. Finally Upload & Install. When that's been completed you will see a success message and if you go to the Components menu you will see jUpgradePro on the menu. In the next video we will go through the process of using jUpgradePRO to migrate all your content from your old web site to your new Joomla 3 web site.