Lesson 9: Extensions

How to replace the extensions you’ve been using with your old Joomla 1.5

Video Transcription

In an earlier video we made a note of all the extensions that have been added to our Joomla 1.5 web site. That we will need to reinstall or find replacements for our new Joomla 3 web site. Two of those extensions were JCE and Akeeba Backup. If you go to http://siteground.com/tutorials/joomla-video you will find the Joomla video course for Joomla 3. In Module 3 you will see how to install JCE and how to install Akeeba Backup. So we won't cover those again in this video. However there were a couple of other extensions that were installed on our previous site. The first of those was Simple Image Gallery. If we go to the Joomla Extensions Directory at http://extensions.joomla.org we can search for it here.

Here it is, and we can see it is available for Joomla 3. If you follow the link and select Download and then Download the Joomla 3 version to your computer. Once you've downloaded it return to your web site /administrator and install it. To do this go to Extensions, Extension Manager and choose the file that we just downloaded to our computer. Click Open and Upload & Install. Once the plugin has been successfully installed you will have a readme on-screen. This tells me to go to the Plugin Manager and select the plugin and make sure it is enabled. If I now Save & Close I can go to my web site by clicking on the site name in the top left hand corner. And I can go to the page on my web site that is using the gallery and check that it is working correctly. In my case the plugin was being used on the Portfolio page. You can see that on the Portfolio page the image gallery is working correctly as it did before. The final extension that was present on my previous web site that I haven't installed on my new one was a module called mmslideshow.

So again return to the Joomla Extensions Directory and do a search. This time you can see that there are no results found so I need to find an alternative. If I instead search for slideshow you will see that I have a huge number of modules that I could choose all of which provide slideshow functionality. I've already chosen one called reslider and I'm going to install that now. To do that return to your /administrator and go to Extensions and Extension Manager. Choose the file that we've downloaded Open, Upload & Install. The module has now been installed and I need to go ahead and configure it. Go to Extensions, Module Manager and we can see the slider right here at the top. Click to open it and start to configure. To begin with I don't want to show the title so I am going to set that to Hide. I need to choose the position on the template where I want this module to appear. Remember the two ways you can find out the positions available on your template. My template has a position handily called slideshow so I am going to select that. I now need to set the Status to be Published otherwise the slideshow won't appear. If I go to the Options screen and select Images. I can select the images that will appear. My first image I just Select. Here is a folder I copied across called slideshow and here are the images for my slideshow. So I'm going to select the first one and click Insert. And repeat that for all the images. When I've added all my images I need to do one more thing which is to tell Joomla which pages I want this module to appear on. To do this click on Menu Assignment and I only want this on my Home page. So I am going to select the Only on the pages selected option. They've all been selected so I'm going to select None and then just check against the Home menu item. Press Save & Close. Now if I return to my web site go back to the Home page we can see that my slideshow has appeared. We have now successfully reinstalled all the missing extensions for our Joomla 3 web site.