IPB RSS Feed Mod

You can add an RSS feed to your forum from the Management tab in the IPB admin area.

You should click on RSS Import Manager and then in the right window click on Create New RSS Import Stream :



Enter the required information. You must fill in all the fields in order to activate the feed. In our example we will add Yahoo World News. You can view the links to all Yahoo rss feeds here. Click on an RSS button and copy the link location. You should enter the link in RSS Import Stream URL:



Another option you must define here is the Character Set encoding. Setting the value to UTF-8 will ensure that the feed can read almost all languages.

Next thing you should configure is the actual content options:



Important options here are the forum selection (into which forum you would like to display the feed).

  • RSS Import Preserve HTML - if you have this option enabled it will preserve the original format of the RSS page. For this to work you must set Enable HTML Posting to Yes in the forum's settings.
  • RSS Import Poster's Name - set this to a valid forum's user
  • RSS Import Add Link to Post - you can leave this option empty
  • RSS Import Topic Prefix - enter a name that will appear in front of the actual news

Finally you should enter news refresh rate (200 minutes is fine) and the number of news articles per go.

If you have created the feed correctly, you should be able to see your newly-created news feed topics in the forum:



*IPB is a paid application and you need to have a license before we can install it. InvisionBoard is a trademark of Invision Power Services, Inc. SiteGround is not affiliated with them.