Invision Board Installation

How to install Invision Power Board on your website?

Before you can actually start using IPB forum, you need to spare some time with the installation process which is pretty straight-forward.

Step 1Database setup

First, you need to create a new MySQL database and username and grant it the appropriate permissions. Check out our MySQL tutorial for detailed instructions on how to do that on your account.

Step 2Upload Files

You may uncompress the distribution file of the application on your local computer and upload all the files from the upload folder in the directory where you would like the board to be installed. Please check our FTP tutorial for more information on how to setup your favourite FTP client.

Open your browser and navigate to the directory with the installation files. The address bar should read something similar to this:

Step 3Check System Requirements

On the first step the installation script will check the system requirements. All the necessarily system requirements for the correct functionality of Invision Power Board are met on the SiteGround servers. You should click Next to proceed.

Here you have to read and agree with the license agreement. When ready, click on the Next button. The packages that will be isntalled are listed on the next page. You should click the Next button again.

You will be taken to the address details page. Normally the installation detects the settings automatically and you won't have to change anything.

Step 4Enter SQL User and Pass

Click Next to proceed to the database details page.

In the fields for database name, SQL username and password you should enter the MySQL database, username and password you have created during the database setup. You can leave the table prefix to the default or change it per your preference. You can also leave the table type to the default - MYISAM.

Click Next to proceed.

Step 5 Fill in the details for the administrative account

Click Next once again.

Step 6Click on Start installation to proceed.

In the final step of the installation process you will be automatically redirected through a series of screens. On the last screen you will see a note "Installation complete!"

As a security measurement delete the admin/install/index.php file.

Well Done! Well done! You have successfully installed your IPB forum software! You can now access the administration backend for it and proceed with adjusting the desired settings fro your new forum. The admin area can be accessed at:

The login will look as shown on the image below:

You can use the admin login details you have chosen during the installation to login.

*IPB is a paid application and you need to have a license before we can install it. InvisionBoard is a trademark of Invision Power Services, Inc. SiteGround is not affiliated with them.