IPB Tutorial

How to use Invision Power Board

Invision Power Board is a multifunctional discussion board application. It is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. IPB allows theme customization and you can add numerous mods to the basic installation. IPB is a commercial application and it can be purchased from the developer's web site.

IPB Tutorial includes:

  • IPB - Installation

    How to install Invision Power Board on your website.

  • IPB - Configuration

    Learn how to adjust the basic configuration for IPB according to your needs.

  • IPB - Skins

    In this part of the tutorial you will find instructions how to change the skins (themes) in Invision Power Board

  • IPB - Emoticons and Avatars

    Here you will find detailed instructions how to add Emoticons and Avatars in IPB

  • IPB - User Groups

    How to manage User Groups and apply special Group permissions in Invision Power Board

  • Categories and Forums in IPB

    Learn how to Manage Categories and Forums in Invision Power Board

  • IPB - Security Tips

    In this section of the tutorial you will find several tips that will help you use the best secirity options for your IPBoard.

  • IPB - Upgrade

    Learn how to upgrade your Invision Power Board to the latest version.

  • IPB - WeTweet Contribution

    Detailed instructions how to add the WeTweet hook to your Invision Power Board. This section of the tutorial can also be used as guidelines for other contributions installations.

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Information!Invision Power Board is a paid application. We will install it for you completely free of charge but you need to purchase a license for the application itself.

*IPB is a paid application and you need to have a license before we can install it. InvisionBoard is a trademark of Invision Power Services, Inc. SiteGround is not affiliated with them.