Web Hosting Tutorials

Getting Started Tutorial

The Getting Started tutorial is dedicated to all users, who are just starting their websites.

Here you will find useful information about how to build a website, how to access the user and admin areas, how to manage email and FTP accounts, etc.

How to Create a Website

Here you will find great ideas about how to create your website - you can start a forum site or a personal blog.

You can create a web album for your photos or start a community or hobby site with a CMS tool.

You can start making money with an online shop application and find new friends, customers, and business partners.

You can do all that and much more through your website!

Website Promotion Tutorial

The Website Promotion tutorial will show you how to increase the number of your visitors through the most powerful free and paid website promotion venues.

SiteGround prepared this tutorial based on its own experience and years of hard work.

We hope to save you time, hassle, and money when fighting for better rankings and lowering your advertising costs.

Reseller Hosting Guide

  • Learn how to add and use reseller credits;
  • how to activate an account;
  • how to renew an account;
  • how to manage an account;
  • how to manage a domain name;
  • how to add extra features;
  • how to get technical support;
  • how to change my details;
  • how to use My Billing section.

Web Hosting Tutorial

Here you will learn what is web hosting and how to make use of it, how to choose between free and paid hosting and how to differentiate shared from dedicated hosting.

Also, you will find useful tips about choosing the right hosting company and read between the lines about hosting features, prices, technical support, and server technology.

cPanel Tutorial

The cPanel tutorial will show you how to manage your web hosting account with the help of the cPanel management tools.

  • You will learn how to use email, File, FTP, and MySQL managers;
  • how to set parked and addon domains;
  • how to use cron jobs, hotlink protection and IP deny manager;
  • how to install applications through Fantastico autoinstaller.

FTP Tutorial

The FTP tutorial will show you how to use FTP clients and account to upload files on your website.

You might use any FTP hosting services that provide unlimited FTP access.

Email Tutorial

The Email tutorial will show you how to use your web based email accounts @ your domain name.

You might use email hosting services or regular hosting services which allow web access to emails.

Here you will learn how to configure email clients, how to secure your email, how to set email forwarding and autoresponders, how to change MX record, and more.

PHP & MySQL Tutorial

The PHP/MySQL tutorial will help you learn more about PHP and MySQL and how to use them.

Here you will find out how to create MySQL database and user, how to manage MySQL database with phpMyAdmin, how to backup and restore MySQL databases, how to connect MySQL with PHP, how to execute PHP commands on the server and more.