GIT Tutorial: Repository

Start a GIT Repository

Once you are ready to upload your project in a remote GIT repository you should look for one.

A good place to host your project's code is GitHub:

This service allows you to set your GIT repositories.

In this way different programmers can take a part in the collaborative development of your software.

They can fork your projects, send pull requests, create issues, and monitor the development of your applications.

Once you are ready you can easily copy your project to your SiteGround account and test it using each one of the 7 PHP versions which we offer:

In order to get a GitHub account click on the Sign Up now button. Pick a plan which best meets your needs. The free one comes with unlimited public repositories and unlimited public collaborators.

The other plans come with different numbers of private repositories, collaborators and additional extras.Once you sign up for the preferred plan you can create a new repository.


Enter the project name, a description and your home page URL.

Detailed instructions on how to set your GIT project will be visualized.

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