Reseller Services Renewal

Hosting accounts that are part of the reseller package are renewed with your reseller credits. Other services, like extra features or higher solutions, are renewed by making a renewal payment with your Credit Card.

In this section you will find answers of the following questions:

How to see Which Services are Expiring Soon

Go to the billing section in your User Area. If there are services that will expire in the next 45 days, they will be listed in the top of the section with a renew button next to each service.

If you do not have expiring services you can still renew anything you choose to by clicking the renewals link in the Billing section navigation.

How to Renew Reseller Hosting Accounts

All your reseller hosting accounts are listed in the renewals part of your billing section. You just need to tick the checkboxes next to the accounts you wish to renew.

Each account can be renewed for 12 more month by using one of your Reseller Credits. If you choose to renew more account than you have credits, a warning will appear, that you need to order more credits first.

If you have the needed credits, the renewal will take place immediately:

How to Renew Domains and Other Services

To renew other services like domains, extra features or higher hosting plans you need to choose Other services (renew with money) from the dropdown in the renewals part of your billing section. The page will list all your domain names, extra services you have added to your reseller hosting accounts and other services that are not renewed with your reseller credits.

Just tick the checkbox next to the services you would like to renew and proceed with the renewal.