How to Open a Site/Service Down Report

If you are experiencing problems with accessing your website, email or FTP we highly recommend that you post your issue in the Service Down category:

You will be taken to a ticket from where you should choose which of the services exactly you want to report as being down and where you can describe the problem you are experiencing:

On submit you will be asked to go through some automatic checks that will greatly speed up the process of fixing your issue, as they will provide immediately most of the information our support team needs in order to diagnose correctly the problem.

On the first step of the check we will collect some information about the issue:

Next, a server side check of your account will be processed for a few seconds:

Once the server checks are ready, Client side checks using JAVA Runtime Environment will be initiated. You would be asked to accept the checks, install JAVA Runtime Environment or skip this check. At any point of the checking process you can stop it and submit the ticket with the information gathered so far by pressing Go Back.