How to Get Help

Learn how to get support in the best way

The aim of the SiteGround support section is to provide the answer to your question as quickly as possible. We recommend that you use first our artificial intelligence search tool. Alternately, if you cannot resolve your issue using the help resources, you can directly contact our team that is available 24/7 via phone, chat or by posting a ticket. We will recommend you the best channel depending on the topic of your issue.

How to access the Support section?

To access your Support Section you need to be logged into your Customer Area first. Then click on the Support link in the menu:

Find instant answer for your question

Once you enter the support section of your customer area, you can get immediate help if you use our intelligent search tool. We will look for the best answer into 4,500 pages of tutorials and knowledge base articles that consists of thousands of questions asked by real customers and replied by SiteGround. You can also browse through the Most Popular Help Resources Section, where we highlight links to the most common questions asked by our customers.

Contact our support team

If you were not able to resolve your issue using the knowledge base you can also contact our live support. To report your issue, please follow the step below:

Step 1. Open the support categories list

The link for the categories is at the bottom of the support section

Step 2. Choose the correct category

Choose the category that is closest to the issue you would like to report.

Step 3. Choose the right support channel

For each category we will recommend the best channel, taking into consideration the real load on the different channels at the moment, the type of your account and the complexity of the chosen category. For most of the technical issues you will see a lightbox with information about all support channels where issues from this category can be solved and one will be recommended. However, you can choose any of the other too.

For some of the more advanced issues you will be immediately directed to post a ticket, as they are not eligible for resolution over another channel.

Posting Ticket

If you have chosen or have been directed to the ticketing channel you will see a simple form to report your issue. You just need to choose the account in question (if you have multiple accounts) and describe your issue. If you need to a file can be uploaded too.

Using the Live chat

If you choose to use the chat for the categories where it is available you will be directly connected with a representative over our chat software.

Calling on the phone

The telephone is listed for some of the technical and most of the billing categories. If you prefer this channel to get support, simply call the number.