Enhance your account

In the SiteGround Add Services section you will be able to add more hosting accounts, upgrade your existing ones, register additional domains or add extra features to your existing hosting account to improve your experience or add extra functionality.

How to access the Add Services section?

To access your Add Services Section you need to be logged into the Customer Area first. Than click on Add Services link in the menu:

Add new accounts and domains

The first half of the Add Services section allows you to add new hosting accounts and register new domains. The best selling shared and shared PLUS services are featured at the top, the domain name search form is right below them and a list with our higher-end solution (including Semi-Dedicated, VPS and Dedicated Servers) is also available for you to order a new account or upgrade any existing.

Add extra services

The second part of the Add Services section includes all the extra features that you can add to your accounts:

You can see the applicable extra features for a particular account in My Account section. In the info box of each account the active extra features are listed by default and the features that can be added can be seen by clicking on the Add More Extras link:

Once you click a full list of extra features that are or can be added to an account is displayed and you can add more features by clicking on the Get button: