Transfer Your Existing Site

How to Migrate Websites from Other Hosting Providers

Request Website Transfer Through Our Setup Wizard

GrowBig and higher plans at SiteGround come with one free professional website transfer, while StartUp plans can pay an additional fee for the service. Our support agents have broad experience in this as they move hundreds of websites every single day. You can request a site transfer by using the Account Setup Wizard. On the pop-up window, just select Transfer a website and click Confirm. 

Request Website Transfer Through Our Support Section

Another way to request a transfer is by going to your User AreaSupportRequest Assistance from Our TeamProceed to contact us here link. Once you see the list of support topics, click Transfer Website.

Manual Website Transfer

If you would like to manually transfer your website to SiteGround, there are three important things to consider:

  • Move your files. First, you will need to move your website files from your previous host to SiteGround by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You can find detailed instructions in our FTP tutorial.
  • Move your database. Then, you will have to move your database. Start with exporting the database from your previous hosting account. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact the support of your previous host to get more info. If your previous host uses cPanel, you can recreate the steps, described here. When you get your data exported, create a new database on your new SiteGround hosting account and import your content into it.
  • Reconfigure your application. The last step of transferring your site is to reconfigure your application to work from the new place. In WordPress, that's the wp-config.php file, while in Joomla it is configuration.php. Replace the values with your actual database, database username and password for it. Save this file and your site should be up and running from your new SiteGround hosting account. The configuration steps for every application are different.

Here are detailed instructions on how to configure WordPressDrupal, Joomla!, phpBB2, SMF.