SG Site Scanner

What is the SG Site Scanner and How to Use It

What is the SG Site Scanner and how does it work

SG Site Scanner is a malware detection and early warning system, powered by our partner Sucuri - one of the leading providers of malware and blacklist scan services. Once activated SG Site Scanner scans all the links that are accessible from the website home page on a daily basis. It will also check the major authoritative security websites to see if your domain is blacklisted by any of them. If any issue is detected the scanner will send an immediate notification mail. This allows for an immediate remedy action to protect your customers, business reputation and revenue.

Activating SG Site Scanner

If you have not purchased your account yet - you may easily add the SG Site Scanner in the last step of the account order process by just placing a tick in front of it.

It can also be added at any time through your User Area > Add services > SG Site Scanner.

Accessing SG Site Scanner reports

You will see all your active SG Site Scanner services listed at the bottom of My Accounts page in your User Area. Just click the Report button to access the detailed report per domain:

The report page will show you information about the last scans performed on your domain:

  • By default you will see the last 3 scans. But you can review up to 30 days history using the “Select time period” field;
  • The Malware Scans section shows if a malware infection has been detected on your website. If yes, you will see a list of the infected URL and more information about each issue;
  • The Blacklist Scans section shows if your website is blacklisted by any of the major authoritative security websites. If we detect such a blacklist, a link to the blacklisting site will be provided.

Managing weekly notifications

By default we will send weekly reports with summary of your website status daily checks. If you do not want to receive them you can click the Stop Report Mail button. This will NOT stop immediate alert mails, sent when an issue is detected. The reports can also be switched back on again at any time from the same place.

Initiating a non-scheduled scan

By default the system scans your site once a day at a random time. However, you can request a scan on demand up to 3 times daily from the Force Scan button. Keep in mind each scan can be performed from few minutes up to an hour.