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Set Up a Domain with Your Site

Set Up a Domain with Your Site

Setting up a website on our platform starts with selecting a domain name. Whether you already have an existing domain for an existing website or you need to make a choice of a new domain to register, we’ll ask you about it and walk you through the setup.

Once you log into your Account for the first time, on your dashboard, you will see a Set Up Site button. Click on it and follow the steps. Our Website Setup Wizard will help you easily set up your site starting with the domain name.

For your first site, our system will automatically suggest you to start a site with the domain name that you have provided upon ordering your hosting plan and will skip the domain selection step. However, if you wish to change that domain, click Choose Domain in the navigation and make a new selection. For your next sites the Wizard will take you directly to step 1 to choose a domain.

The Website Setup Wizard will give you the option to register a new one (or several new ones in bulk), use an already registered domain, or choose a temporary domain.

New domain

If you wish to register a new domain, choose New Domain and start typing the one you wish to get. Then hit Enter on your keyboard or use the magnifying glass icon.

The system will check if the domain you look for is available and propose it for registration. Additionally, it will offer variations of that domain, which you may also register. Select as many domains as you wish. That’s a great way to protect your brand name.

Existing domain

If you choose to use an existing domain, select Existing Domain and start typing the domain in the field. If it has been registered through SiteGround, it will appear in the drop-down and you may directly select it. If not, just type the full name and click Continue.

Temporary domain

Our system gives you the opportunity to use a temporary domain for your site too. This is a subdomain of a SiteGround-owned domain, which we automatically generate for you.

It is not recommended to use it for a long period of time as it has no SEO value, but it is a great solution if you have not yet selected your site’s domain, or you are working on a new version of your site while the old one is up and running. If you choose the option to use a temporary domain, select Temporary Domain and then click Continue.

After setting up your domain, the Website Setup Wizard will take you to the next step where you will choose to Migrate a Website or Start a New Website.

Pointing your domain’s DNS

Don’t forget that once the website creation is complete if you have decided to use an already registered (existing) domain, you need to point the name servers of that domain to the SiteGround server where you just created the website. You can find the new server information in Website > Manage next to the site, once the site is created. Then look for the kebab menu and click Server Details.

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