Manage Domains and Add New Domains

How to Add New Domains and Manage Your Existing Ones

Changing Personal Information for Your Domain

To change your personal information (like address, name, etc.) associated with your domain name, you need to edit the so-called WHOIS domain information. WHOIS is a tool that searches the databases of domain registries and registrars and displays detailed domain owner information. We highly recommend that you keep your personal data always up-to-date.

If your domain is registered by SiteGround, you can easily edit the WHOIS data directly from the User Area → My Accounts Manage next to the preferred domain.

On the next page, you can edit your domain contact information as you see in the image below.

If your domain is not registered by SiteGround, contact your registrar and request the WHOIS information changes.

Enabling Domain Privacy

Another important step we highly recommend to all clients is enabling the Domain Privacy feature. It will protect your personal details from being publicly accessible in the WHOIS database. With this service enabled, your personal info will be replaced with the details of SiteGround’s registrar as a company providing the service. It’s a powerful feature that will help prevent identity theft, reduce spam and email harvesting. To enable it, go to the User AreaAdd ServicesDomain Privacy.

Adding Parked Domains

Along with managing your existing domains, SiteGround lets you easily add new parked and addon domains. Parked domains, also referred to as 'domain alias', let you reach your primary site through a different domain name. Let’s say your primary site is You can also register and assign it as a parked domain to your primary one. This way, the parked domain will be pointing to the same pages as the main website. When visitors were to type in their browser, they’ll see the same site content as

Unlimited parked domains are available on all SiteGround accounts. To add a parked domain, go to the User AreaMy Accounts Go to cPanel. In the section Domains, click Parked Domains. There, you can add and remove parked domains for your primary domain.

Note that parked domains must have their NS records pointing to your DNS servers in order to function properly. Check out our Parked Domains tutorial for more detailed instructions about parked domains.

Adding Addon Domains

An Addon domain allows you to have a separate website with a separate domain name on the same web hosting account. SiteGround offers unlimited addon domains for all hosting plans, except the StartUp plan. To add and remove such domains, log into the User AreaMy Accounts Go to cPanel. In the section Domains, click Addon Domains. During the creation of the addon domain, you need to select a document root folder which will store the website files. For more information, please see our Addon Domains tutorial.