Install an SSL Certificate

How to Install and Manage Your SSL Certificate

How to Use My Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority which provides people with the security certificates, needed for enabling HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for their websites. We are proud to be among the early supporters of the organization in their initiative for a more secure web. All Let’s Encrypt certificates are available to all our clients for free and we automatically issue them for all domains hosted on our shared servers.

To manage Let’s Encrypt certificates, log into your cPanel Security tab → Let’s Encrypt.

In this interface, you see your active certificates, install new ones, cancel them, enforce HTTPS for your website. With SiteGround, your SSL certificates will be renewed automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually every 3 months.

How to Use Paid SSL

There are two other types of SSL certificates which you can order from the User AreaAdd Services → Order Extras → SSL.

The first one is WildCard which will be convenient for you if you need SSL for your domain and all subdomains.

The other one is Extended Validation (EV) SSL which is suitable for advanced validation and websites that need the highest level of encryption.

Adding SSL and TLS Certificates from cPanel

You can also use the native SSL/TLS Manager tool in cPanel to add SSL certificates by yourself. The solution allows you to manage the installed certificates, as well as generate certificate signing requests and private keys. To access the SSL/TLS Manager, log into your cPanel Security tab → SSL/TLS Manager.