Initial Domain Setup

How to Start Using Your Domain Name with Us

Setting Up a Domain Registered by SiteGround

If you purchased your domain name along with your SiteGround hosting account, there is no need for additional setup because it is automatically configured for you.

You can manage the administrative aspects of your SiteGround domain (like DNS settings and contact information) by going to the User AreaMy Accounts → Manage Domain.

Setting Up an External Domain

If you already have a domain name, registered elsewhere, and you want to use it with SiteGround, first you need to transfer your site to us. Then, you need to point the existing domain to your SiteGround hosting server. You have to change your domain’s nameservers (NS) to the proper values from the control panel of your domain registrar (the organization that manages the registration of your domain name).

If you want to transfer your website only and keep emails hosted remotely, once you change DNS, you need to point your MX records to your current email host. Alternatively, you can only point your A record and keep your DNS and MX records intact.

You can find the correct SiteGround nameserver records in your User AreaMy AccountsInformation & Settings Account DNS:

Each domain registrar may have a different interface of their control panel, so if you don’t know how, it’s best to contact your registrar’s support team to give you more information and help you with the next steps. If you don’t know which is your domain registrar, you can find it by doing a simple WHOIS check.