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Configure SSL with One Click

Configure SSL with One Click

In order to make your website work correctly with your SSL certificate, you need to make additional configuration so that all the site traffic goes through HTTPS.

Configure WordPress to Work Through HTTPS

The easiest way to configure your WordPress site to work correctly with your SSL is by using our SG Optimizer plugin. In it, go to the Environment Options tab and press the Enable HTTPS button.

how to enable https

That’s it! Our plugin will ensure that all your site traffic is always correctly redirected to HTTPS. Once you enable the HTTPS, you may be requested to log in again in the WordPress admin, this time securely. We recommend that you also browse through your site after you switch the HTTPS to see that everything is loading correctly.

Enforce HTTPS through Site Tools

You can alternatively enforce all your site traffic to go through HTTPS in Site Tools > Security > HTTPS Enforce. Note, that we highly recommend that you configure the HTTPS in your application, whenever possible (WordPress SSL Configuration, Joomla SSL configuration) instead of doing the enforce through Site Tools. Site Tools HTTPS enforce should be used if you’re not using one of the popular web applications or you’re experiencing problems even after reconfiguring your app.

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