Gallery 3 Installation

Automatic Installation

You can have an automatic Gallery 3 installation via the Fantastico auto-installer included in cPanel for your account with SiteGround. Just click on the Fantastico icon.

The find Gallery in the scripts list to the left and complete the 3 easy installation steps that will be given by the Fantastico auto-installer.

Manual Installation

Alternatively you can have gallery installed manually for your website.

The manual Gallery 3 installation is really easy. All you need to do pre-installation is to prepare new MySQL database and user that will be used for the installation. You can do so following our MySQL database/user tutorial.

Download the Gallery 3 installation package using the link on their official website.

Extract the installation archive and upload the extracted files to your hosting account. If you have your website hosted on SiteGround servers and you would like the gallery accessible via your domain name – upload the files directly under the web root (public_html) directory. If you would like the gallery accessible via a subdirectory for example:

Upload the files under "public_html/gallery" for your hosting account.

Once the upload is completed open the destination URL in your web-browser.

You will need to enter the details for the database you have created then click continue.

That is all. The installation is now completed.

You will be asked to update the administrator login details when you login to your Gallery installation for the first time.

On the next screenshot you can see the admin details edit interface that will load.

Enter the desired details and click save. You can now start using your newly installed gallery.