Gallery 3 Administration

Once you are logged in as administrator the administration interface will be accessible via the Admin tab that can be found on gallery index

From the drop down menu you can access all areas of the administrator backend. This menu will be accessible as main menu in the admin backend anyway so we can review all options one by one. Here are the available sections and what is included in the tutorial:

  • Gallery 3 Dashboard

    Basic instructions how to modify the current dashboard for your Gallery 3 installation.

  • Gallery 3 Settings

    Learn how to adjust Graphic, Language and Comments settings for Gallery 3.

  • Gallery 3 Modules Installation

    Learn how to install additional modules for Gallery 3.

  • Gallery 3 Content

    Learn how to manage comments and tags that were added to your albums as well as setup a watermark for images in your Gallery 3.

  • Gallery 3 Appearance

    Here you will find instructions how to adjust the general look and feel for your Gallery 3 website.

  • Gallery 3 Users and Groups

    This part of the tutorial explains how to create new users and groups for your online Gallery.

  • Gallery 3 Maintenance

    Basic information about the Maintenance tasks available in Gallery 3.