Gallery 3 Administration - Content

 The content section of the admin area will allow you to manage comments and tags that were added to your albums. Also this is the area where you can choose a watermark for images added to your gallery.


The comments are divided in 4 categories:

Awaiting Moderation – those comments will not show on the front end for your gallery. Here you have the option to approve comments , mark them as spam or delete them. Each action will move the comment to the corresponding category.

Approved – Those are comments that will appear for your albums and images. You can "Unapprove" a comment which will move it back to the "Awaiting Moderation" category. Again you can mark a comment as spam or delete it which will move it respecively to the Spam or Recently Deleted category.

Spam – Here you have the 2 options to Unapprove and Approve posts which will respectively move the post to the Awaiting Moderation and Approved section. Again you can Delete the comment which will move it directly to the recently deleted section.

Recently Deleted – Here you will see all messages deleted from one of the previous 3 categories in the last 7 days. Once 7 days from the deletion have passed – messages are permanently deleted. You have 4 options for each comment in this section – to Unapprove, Approve, mark as Spam and finally to Delete it. Note that deleting a comment rom the Recently Deleted section removes it permanently.


The Tags section will allow you to edin and/or delete existing tags for your albums. You can edit each tag by simply clicking on the word. To delete a tag click the trash icon next to the word.


You can have one watermark for your Gallery. This watermark will be applied to all thumbnails and resized images, but it will not be applied to your full size images. To make sure that your guests can only see watermarked images, you should restrict access to your full size images.

The Watermark can be uploaded via the Content – Watermarks section for the Gallery 3 admin area