How to change Gallery templates

Gallery themes can be downloaded from here:

Once you've downloaded the theme, you will need to upload it and unpack it under your /gallery2/themes folder.If you have downloaded a .zip file, you would need to unzip(extract) it and upload the unzipped folder that contains the theme to the /gallery2/themes folder. The folder that contains the theme will have the files "" and "theme.css" in it.

Follow these steps to modify the theme:

Step 1 Login at your admin area by clicking on the Login button and filling up your admin login details.

Step 2 Click on [Site Admin].

Step 3 Click on [Display - Themes].

Step 4 Click on the [All Themes] tab and install the one you have just uploaded by clicking on the link.

You have successfully installed a new theme in your Gallery!You can set the new theme as default if you would like to use it on your website.

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