Gallery and Joomla CMS

Gallery can be installed separately as a component in Joomla CMS. This is the easiest way to integrate the two applications.

The files for the integration can be found here:

Before proceeding with the Gallery2 component installation, you should install the JoomlaLib component, wich can be downloaded from:

Then you will just need to download the Gallery2 component and to install it through Joomla Administration Area. In order to do that, please, choose the Installers -> Components menu.

Please, find more detailed instructions how to install Joomla extensions here.

After installing the component you should navigate to Components -> Gallery2 -> Settings and enter the paths to your Gallery2 script. The other option is to use the installation wizard.

Please mind that the component integration can be a difficult and a time consuming procedure. provides it as a paid service. If you need assistance with the Joomla-Gallery integration, please post a ticket in Exclusive Professional Services -> Application Integration.

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