Transmit Tutorial

Learn how to access and manage your account via FTP with Transmit

This tutorial explains how to use Transmit to manage files and folders on your account. Transmit is a powerful software for transferring files over the Internet and is currently one of the most popular FTP tools for MAC OS. You can download the application from here.

How to connect to your account with Transmit

To access your account via FTP with Transmit, open the application and click the Quick Connect tab.

Then on the right panel of the application you should provide the following information:

  • Protocol: Here select FTP and tick the Passive mode checkbox;
  • Address: the hostname of your server. You can find more information how to find this in our tutorial;
  • Port: 21;
  • User Name: your cPanel username;
  • Password: your cPanel password;
  • Remote Path: you can leave empty.

When ready, click the Connect button to establish the connection.

How to download files from your account to your computer with Transmit

Downloading files with Transmit is very easy. To download a file or folder from your hosting account to your computer first navigate to the location of the desired element. Then right click on it and select Download.

The download will shortly commence and you can follow its progress by clicking the Server Activity button.

How to upload files to your account from your computer with Transmit

Uploading files is done similarly to downloading them. By using the left side panel of the Transmit window navigate to the location of the element you want to upload. Then right click it and select Upload.

The upload will being and you can again follow its process from the Server Activity button.