FTP Session Control Tutorial

Learn how to use the FTP Session Control tool in cPanel

You can use this tool to see users who are currently logged into your site through FTP. You can also terminate any FTP connections to your site that you do not wish to remain open. This prevents users’ access to your files without your permission. To access the tool, click the FTP Session Control tool icon in cPanel's main page.

The current connections to your account can be seen in a table that has several columns.

  • User - the full name of the FTP user that the connection is using;
  • Logged In From - the IP or hostname from which the connection is coming;
  • Login Time - the exact time the FTP connection was established;
  • Status - the status of the current connection
  • Disconnect - this column contains only a button, which when pressed terminates the connection
  • Process ID - the system process ID that corresponds to the connection