Flash Tutorial

What are Flash and SWiSH

Flash is a software technology for creating and managing interactive multimedia web applications like web sites, animations, movies, games, advertisement banners and more. It gives you almost unlimited options in the design of your pages. The best Flash creating / editing application is called Swish. With Swish you can build a professional-looking Flash site in no time and with minimal technical knowledge. That's why this tutorial covers mostly Swish.

Flash movies / sites are processed entirely by the viewer's computer and not by the server. This makes the technology less server demanding but still a good webhost should be picked for the overall stable / fast performance of your site. That's why we recommend SiteGround's servers which are optimized for maximum performance and they can serve smoothly Flash-based websites. In addition, our Support Team has a long-term experience with Flash and has helped thousands of people with their Flash websites.

Our Flash tutorial covers the following topics:

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