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Email Forwarding Aliases Tutorial

Email Forwarding Aliases Tutorial

E-mail forwarding is a service through which e-mail messages are resent from a certain account to another. For example, if you have created webmaster@yourdomainname.com, info@yourdomainname.com, etc. but you would like to have all the e-mails going to one and the same e-mail box, jim@yourdomainname.com.

Adding an email forwarder

To access the forwarders menu, go to your Site Tools > Email > Forwarders:

Put the name of the email address you wish to forward from in the first blank field. For example for user@yourdomainname.com, put user in the first blank field. Choose to what address the incoming mail should be forwarded.

The other option is to choose a failure message which will be returned to the sender. This could be done from the Discard tab.

Deleting an email forwarder

To delete a forwarder, go to your Site Tools > Email > Forwarders. Choose the preferred one and click on Delete:

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