Email Forwarding Aliases Tutorial

Learn how to set email forwarding

This tutorial covers the following topics:

E-mail forwarding is a service through which e-mail messages are resent from a certain account to another. For example if you have created,, etc. but you would like to have all the e-mails going to one and the same e-mail box,

Adding an email forwarder

To access the forwarders menu, click on the Forwarders icon on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

Click on Add Forwarder.

Put the name of the email address you wish to forward from in the first blank field. For example for, put user in the first blank field. You can choose to what address the incoming mail should be forwarded. The other option is to choose a failure message which will be returned to the sender.

If you click on Advanced Options, you will be able to choose to forward the message to a system account, pipe it to a program or discard the forwarded mail.

Click on Add Forwarder to add the forwarder when you are ready.

Deleting an email forwarder

To delete a forwarder, access the Forwarders tool in your cPanel and click on the Delete button next to it.