How to use Drupal?

In this tutorial we will show you the basic actions you need to take in order to start a new Drupal-powered website.

How to start a Drupal site?

All you need to do is sign up for a hosting account where you can have the Drupal application installed. Here at SiteGround we offer a FREE Drupal installation! With our Professional Drupal hosting package you can start creating your site right away! If you already have a hosting account and would like to change your host, we offer free website transfer of your Drupal site.

How to create new content?

In order to add content for your Drupal web site, you need to click on the Add content link under your administrator area.

  • The Article option is suitable for a blog, news or other time-sensitive content.
  • The Basic Page option allows you to create a static page;

Content Management

In order to manage the content structure elements of your Drupal web site, you need to navigate to the Structure section under your administrator area.

In the following lines we will give a brief description of the options under this section:

Blocks - This functionality allows to manage the content that will be visualized through blocks on the sidebars and other regions of the web site. The blocks can be situated on the themes regions through a drag-and-drop interface. They are configured separately per each theme due to the different visualization setup.

Content types - Manage content types, including default status, front page promotions, comment settings and more. You can include new content types besides Basic Page and Article.

Menus - Allows to add new menu, edit existing ones, manage them, list, add and reorganize the menu links. You can also define the menu sources.

Taxonomy - You can manage the tagging, the categorization and classification of your content.

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