Create Your Website’s Homepage

Learn how to configure and create your homepage

This tutorial covers the following topics:

For the purpose of this tutorial we will create a static page and set it as homepage. You can style it the way you want, add different modules to it later on, but the foundation will be a Basic Page.

Create the Basic Page

First, let's create the page that will have our homepage content. To do this, go to Content -> Add Content -> Basic Page. This will take you to the content creation page.

Once you add your content and format it, make sure to place tick on Published.

Afterwards you should make sure it would display on the website's home page. For that purpose you should expand the Promotion Options menu and tick the Promoted to front page option.

Finally, click the Save button at the bottom of your page.

IMPORTANT:Copy the URL of that page, you will need it later. It should be something like http://www.yourdrupalwebsite/node/1

Set your New Page as Homepage

Now that we've created the basic page, we need to set it as homepage for the website. To do this, go to Configuration -> Basic site settings.

Locate the Front Page section and paste the URL of the page you've just created in the Default front page field.

Now click on the Save configuration button and that's it! You homepage is successfully created.