dotProject Tutorial

Why Choose dotProject for Project Management Software and How to Use It

dotProject is an Open Source Project Management application, supported free of charge by web developers from all over the world. dotProject is written in PHP and is free to anyone who would like to download and use it. It is easy to work with dotProject because it has clean and simple user interface. Its core features include:

  • User Management
  • Ticketing Support System provided via email
  • Client Management
  • Task Listing
  • File Archive
  • Contact List
  • Calendar
  • Discussion Forum

The dotProject tutorial covers the following sections:

  • DotProject Installation through Softaculous or manually

    DotProject is included in the Softaculous auto-installer tool and can be installed with a few mouse clicks. Alternatively, a manual dotProject installation can be performed.

  • DotProject Themes

    In this section of the tutorial you can find the basics of altering the themes for your dotProject installation.

  • DotProject Modules

    DotProject allows you to add extra functionality to it. We have chosen several major contributions for dotProject and will show you how to manage them.

With SiteGround dotProject hosting services each customer receives a free installation of dotProject on his/her website. Our support team has experience in managing dotProject and will make sure that your project management site runs trouble-free!

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