CubeCart Fantastico Installation

Important!SiteGround doesn't provide the Fantastico autoinstaller anymore. Instead, you can use the Softaculous autoinstaller which we believe is better. For more information on how to use Softaculous to install CubeCart check out this tutorial. However, if you're not hosted with us and your host uses Fantastico, you will still find the instructions below useful.

Fantastico is located in the cPanel of your account: look for the smiley face icon at the bottom of cPanel's starting page. Please note that CubeCart is a paid script. You can still download, install and use for free the old release CubeCart v3. This also applies to the Fantastico auto-installer. The latest version available for free automatic installation is CubeCart v3. If you would like to use CubeCart v4 a license should be purchased from CubeCart's official website.

CubeCart Installation Detailed Tutorial

Once logged into Fantastico, look for the [CubeCart] link and click on it.

A short description of Cube cart application will appear to the right. Follow the [New Installation] link to start the setup of your shop.

At this point you will be asked to agree with CubeCart Terms and conditions:

On the next page select the domain name that you wish the shop to be attached to. In the box below type in the folder you would like to have the store in - you can select a name to your preference (for example 'shop', 'store', 'goods', 'cubecart' etc.). Then fill in the administrator login details:

Click the [Install CubeCart] button to proceed to the next step.

On the enxt page you you will be asked to confirm the entered details. Click on the Finish iInstallation button to go to the next step.

On the final automatic installtion page, you will see the addresses of the store and the administrator's panel. Add these to your bookmarks, as you will visit the two addresses often.

That's all. A free CubeCart release was successfully installed through Fantastico.

Cube-Cart is a trademark of Devellion Ltd. SiteGround is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Cube-Cart Project or its trademark owners.